American CNC Glass Cutting Machine




CNC Glass Cutting Machine

American CNC Glass Cutting machines are designed for high speed and a high degree of accuracy. These machines will cut shapes and optimize glass cutting.

  • Mn bridge steel (Q345A ), perfect surface treatment
  • Perfect machine body structure makes sure that the top is flat
  • Japan SMC valve controls the cutting pressure according to different thickness glass
  • Cutter head 360 degree rotation, cutter head buffers up and down for glass and cutter protections
  • High density water-proof table
  • Imported felt, high flatness, antistatic
  • Automatic lubrication system, works in step with cutter head
  • Air float function and belt transmission
  • Linear guide rail makes sure of the high cutting precision and low noise
  •  Table panel: high density water proof panel (flatness≤±0.20mm/m)
  • Rack and rail: KHK Japan
  • Guide rail: Hiwin Taiwan
  • Belt: Maiku (Joint venture)
  • Cutter wheel and cutter holder: Bolhe Germany
  • CNC System: Galil (USA)
  • Optimization software: Optima (Italy) / Guiyou
  • Servo motor: YASKAWA (Japan)
  • Pneumatic parts: Airtec (Taiwan)
  • Low voltage electric parts: Schneider (France)
  • Cutting pressure valve: SMC (Japan)

Technical Specifications:


Model Number CNC4860 CNC7296 CNC108156
Max. Glass Size 48″ x 60″ 72″ x 96″  108″ x 156″
Max. Thickness 5/64″ – 3/4″ 5/64″ – 3/4″ 5/64″ – 3/4″
Dimensions 97x88x50 140x114x51 209x122x51
Max. Speed 5900″/min 5900″/min 5900″/min
Air Pressure 87-116Psi 87-116Psi 87-116Psi


Model Number CNC120192 CNC120240
Max. Glass Size 120″ x 192″ 120″ x 240″
Max. Thickness 1/8″ – 3/4″ 1/8″ – 3/4″
Dimensions 242x165x50 281x165x51
Max. Speed 6300″/min 6300″/min
Air Pressure 87-116Psi 87-116Psi


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