AMERICAN Desiccant Filling Machine



Model Number DF-16 DF32
Dimensions 96″H x 16″w x 41″D 96″H x 32″W x 43″D
Weight (Empty) 295lbs 335lbs
Desiccant Capacity 150lbs 300lbs

Both models 120v 60hz


Spacer Capacity:

Model Number DF-16   Df-32  
3/16″ 73 146
1/4″ 55 110
5/16″ 44 88
3/8″ 36 72
7/16″ 31 62
1/2″ 27 54
9/16″ 24 48
5/8″ 22 44
11/16″ 20 40
3/4″ 18 36
1″ 13 26


The American Desiccant filler is manufactured in two sizes: DF-16 & DF 32. This desiccant filler is truly far ahead of its competitors in design features. There are no moving parts to wear out. The machine can easily be adjusted to a suitable working height or lowered for filling by simply turning the safety crank located at the rear of the machine. The freestanding mast disassembles for compact shipping. Different sizes of spacers and various profiles can be filled side by side without any adjustments. In volume situations the desiccant filler requires no designated operator because the person inserting the corner keys into the spacer simply places them in the machine to be filled and the person who assembles the filled spacer frames simply removes them from the machine. This feature saves many hours, hence paying for the machine in a very short time. The large desiccant hopper capacity eliminates the need to be continuously filling the machine – another great time saving feature. The unique way the spacer is inserted into the machine allows for any desiccant leakage to be collected and saved instead of spilling on the floor causing a dusty and hazardous situation since the machine is sealed when not in use. The possibility of contaminating the desiccant with undesirable moisture is eliminated. This eliminates the need for heating the desiccant since heated desiccant absorbs more moisture than ambient temperature desiccant, thus giving your IG units a longer life. Our unique construction eliminates the need for a vibrator.


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