AMERICAN S Series Heated Oven Roller Press


  • Easy lamp replacement
  • Moveable top heating section
  • Top rollers are sequentially tighter
  • 3,5, and 7 pair of adjustable compression rollers
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Oven heating temperature is displayed on a digital readout
  • Automatic IG thickness adjustment
  • Several emergency stop devices
  • High quality Machine Body


Technical Specifications:

Model Number HRP1700-S3/S5/S7 HRP2000-S3/S5/S7 HRP2200-S3/S5/S7
Max. Size 66x78in 78x118in 86x129in
Max. Thickness 1 1/2″ 1 1/2″ 1 1/2″
Rollers 3/5/7 pair 3/5/7 pair 3/5/7 pair
Voltage 220V/440V,3PH,60HZ 220V/440V,3PH,60HZ 220v/440V,3PH,60HZ
Ampres @220V 50 62 1/2 75
Ampres @440V 50 62 1/2 75
Overall Size 78x122x55in 86x122x55in 101x122x55in




HRP-S series machines are designed according to the Quanex technical code. These machines are designed to manufacture Duraseal and Duralite warm edge spacer for insulating glass. (If you turn off the heat lamps the same press can be used to manufacture super seal warm edge spacer insulating glass units).


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