AMERICAN AGM9SP Cup Wheel Straight Line Edging Machine with PLC

  • Grinding Speed 1/64″- 275″/min
  • Glass Thickness 1/8″ -1″
  • Max. Glass size 98″ x 98″
  • Min. Glass Width 3 5/32″ x 3 5/32″
  • Current Supply 240V/480V 60Hz, 3PH
  • Total Power 19.2kW
  • Weight 7000lbs
  • Working Height 30″
  • Base Dimensions 22’L X 40″W X 8’H


The AGM9SP PLC cup wheel straight line edging machine (with Swiss Seimens programmable logic controller) performs flat edging, arris grinding, rear seaming, and can complete all of these tasks at the same time. It is suitable for rough processing before tempering and other further processing. The front rail can be moved by a hand control parallel to adapt for different glass thicknesses. The working speed is adjustable through a speed regulator. This machine is featured because of its compact structure, small base dimensions, high speed, stable quality, and affordability.


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