Jinfeng Tempering Furnace

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Overall Size: 72” x 144” 

Max Glass Size: 70 1/2” x 141 ½” 

Glass thickness : 4.7 mm – 19 mm or 3/16” – ¾” 

Minimum glass size : 300 mm x 200 mm or 11 ¾” x 8” 

Production: 5 mm float glass 15-16 batch /H

Power consumption : 5 mm float glass about 3.5 kwh/qm

Under continuous production with 80% loading efficiency 

Installed Power: (480V 60HZ 3P )

Heating Chamber : 540 KW

Blower Power : 75 KW

Driving Motor : 7.4 KW 

Recommended Transformer 400KVA 


Suitable Glass Types: 

Clear float glass 

Tinted Float glass 

Low-E Glass 

Low iron Glass 

Single side screen printed glass 

Figured glass 

Normal Coated glass 


Included Equipment:
Loading/unloading table: transmission roller, lifting table, transmission drive system
Heating section: heating and driving system
Cooling system: Cooling and driving system
Air supply and valve
High pressure blower
Pneumatic control system(Not including air supply)
Electric control system
Standard spare parts
Unloading roller device
22KW Air compressor
Fully cover