Methods Engineering Hot Melt Butyl Machine

Methods Engineering hot melt butyltherm extrusion machine can produce up to 300 IG units per shift. It has adjustable digital temperature control, holds up to 35 lbs of hot melt sealant, and has a light weight 12ft heated hose and hand gun. This unit can accept 6 to 8 pound chunks and additional material can be added at any time without a stop in production.

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Methods Engineering

Hot Melt Butyltherm Extrusion Machine

The Hot melt butyltherm extrusion machine was designed to accept up to 8lb chunks or bricks which can be added at any time during operation, It is equipped with a standard 12ft heated hose and light weight insulated handgun. The unit can be mounted either in a fixed position or on a moveable stand. It also works great in combination with our American 7848 Edge Press.
The temperature of the heated hose and the pot is regulated by individual digital temperature controls that are accurate within +/- 1*F. The pump is a progressive cavity pump that provides a smooth pulse free flow. Flow rates of up to 2 1/2lbs. of sealant are possible with standard gearing. The flow rate is adjustable over an infinite range to provide the same gunning speed on almost any size opening.

Technical Data:

  • 5/8″ ID x 12ft. Steel braided with a teflon core
  • Liht weight cast aluminum hand gun with insulated handle and trigger, equipped with a 360* swivel attachment.
  • Brass Gunning tips are made to your specification
  • up to 2 1/2lbs per minute flow without a gunning tip
  • 35lb capacity of hot melt sealant
  • Up to 400*F temperature
  • One hour heat up time
  • Overall size: 30″ x 31″ x 19″
  • 250lbs shipping weight
  • 220v 60hz 30A


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