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TGE MK3 Hot Melt Extruder


  • Display
  • Four visual readouts with contact display
  • Warning system
  • Audio/visual over-temperature
  • Fail safe
  • Under temperature fail-safe system
  • Hose and Gun cable
  • Large bore heated hose with twin braided internal construction.
  • Cool-touch plastic gun
  • Low pressure gun trigger
  • Swivel feature on gun
  • External gun cable fitted onto the outside of the hose for easy removal
  • Robust metal coil hose protection



  • MK3 Hot Melt Extruder
  • Construction and finish Mild Steel
  • Polyester powder coat.
  • Performance
  • Extrusion rate Variable from 0-2kg/min
  • Hopper capacity 20 litres
  • Voltage Requirements 230V AC
  • Current Requirements 10.5A power supply
  • Width 728mm (2.388 ft)
  • Height 1158mm (3.799 ft)
  • Depth 380mm (1.247 ft)


TGE Hot Melt Machines are part of a superior range of machinery manufactured by TGE (Thermoseal Glass Equipment). With 30-plus years’ experience in building machinery specifically for the production of insulated glass, you can be assured that all equipment is built to last. This range of Hotmelt Extruders are designed to cater for all levels of sealed unit production. Machines can be ready to seal from as little as 45 minutes after startup. Hot Melt one part butyl sealant blocks are simply heated and the sealant is extruded when up to temperature.


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